Sandra Marlowe - Singer, Artist, Educator

Sandra Marlowe

Sandra Marlowe is an acclaimed jazz/blues/swing vocalist whose debut album, “True Blue.” was released in 2012 to national and international recognition. Possessing a rare versatility in timbre and range, as well as a keen ear, Marlowe brings a strong interpretive and improvisational approach to jazz and blues, with nods to pop, folk, and theater, as well as creative charm and bold statement to her original compositions. With undeniable vocal power, yet stylistic warmth and finesse, she captivates audiences. Her performances reflect a bit of sass, a sense of humor and “edge of your seat” surprises, and her rapport with an audience is unforgettable.

Marlowe has performed around the U.S. at jazz festivals and venues, arts and music events, as well as appearing as a guest artist in concert with big bands and symphonies. A songwriter and storyteller, she released two original singles under her own label, LoveDog! Media, in 2014 and 2016. Teaming up again with renowned pianist/arranger/co-producer Larry Dunlap, Marlowe will be releasing a full-length recording/CD “The Heart Always Remembers” in 2020,  an eclectic and sumptuous offering of originals, standards and reimagined classics. Also joining her on this project are two celebrated Bay Area, CA jazz musicians, percussionist Jason Lewis and bassist Dan Robbins, as well as singer/songwriter Robin Hambey of Graceland Band.